What is NBS?

NBS- New Lace System is an intuitive and innovative system that allows you to adjust and lock your shoe lace to the desired tension, keeping it constant over time.
Composed of two simple elements: the lace lock and the storage pocket.
It is tested by professional runners and athletes and has shown its high performance in Ultra Trail races such as the Tor Des Géants, as well as in competitions in other sports, including tennis, marching and track and field. In each of these situations, NBS was able to maintain the desired tension despite being subjected to extreme use times and heavy stresses.

Why NBS?

NBS is the lace-blocking system designed specifically to improve the performance and comfort of athletic footwear; it protects the athlete by preventing lace tension from loosening, and by preventing laces from snagging during athletic activity.
Perfect for all types of sports and terrain, reliable, waterproof and durable, it extends the life of your laces by protecting them from mud and weather.
The NBS system is compatible with any type of shoe, can be attached directly to the desired shoe, and its pocket is fully customizable so you can run freely and in style.



NBS KIT is composed of two simple elements that work in sync with each other: the lace lock and the containing pocket.
The beating heart of the system is the lightweight and durable “bowtie,” the element that performs the mechanical work of tensioning the lacing and locking the strings so that they do not unfasten during use.
In a few simple steps, you can secure your footwear by passing the shoelaces through the bowtie and then bringing them to the desired tension.
When NBS’s side flaps “click,” your shoes are ready to take you where you want to go.
The second element of the NBS system is the containment pocket, to be inserted between the shoelaces, designed to secure the abundance of the laces, thus preserving them from the elements and prolonging their life, and preventing the laces from becoming entangled during use.
The pocket is fully customizable, designed to be a style element that allows you to express who you are freely.