Wear NBS, clear your mind and start exercising.

Listen to the rhythm of one’s breath, empty the mind and direct one’s attention to the present.
Because in sports as in life, it is always a challenge with oneself, with one’s own shadowy areas, with the thoughts that intrude during sports performance, with the brooding that weighs down the body.
We at NBS believe deeply in the values of mindfulness and concentration.
We want to overcome with you this mental wall that prevents you from seeing the beauty of the present moment, whatever challenge you have before you or race you are about to face.

Company and philosophy

The innovative and effective idea for Revolutionize shoe lacing was born from Andrea, CEO of Sammy Export S.r.l.; an idea that will give birth to NBS, a young, dynamic and technological Italian company born in 2019 with a desire to solve a common problem such as strings that become loose, untied or snagged during sports competitions.
This is how NBS Lace System was born, the lace lock that allows adjustable lacing and ensures that the desired tension is maintained for the duration of the sporting activity.
We created our lace blocker to allow you to clear your mind and focus on the challenge ahead, to increase your performance, to go beyond perceived limits, beyond fatigue, and immerse yourself in the present.
Whatever your challenge, enjoy the adventure you are on, NBS is with you.

Onward Project

Our NBS lace-blocking system, designed to provide adjustable, secure and easy-to-use lacing, boasts participations in major sporting events such as the TOR de GEANTS, a major Ultra Trail race in which participants run 330 km and test their limits.
NBS is there with them, supporting them in the race in a few simple steps.
And that’s how Onward was born, created by NBS and TorX, a project that selects 3 athletes, following them throughout the entire race preparation process, throughout the event, to the finish line.