Marco De Gasperi

Marco De Gasperi
The love for the mountains and the continuous search for new challenges were decisive elements that influenced the path of this great athlete, mountain running and skyrunning champion.
The champion’s mentality, the drive for victory has always been intertwined with a deep passion for running, and a desire to always explore new paths.
Marco De Gasperi was born in Bormio, class of ’77, and from an early age he spent his days outdoors, walking in the mountains with his father; this is where his sporting activity began.

He began his career as an athlete in the world of skiing and then switched to mountain running, a specialty that led him to wear the blue jersey thirty-five times in the Forestry Sports Group and to win gold five times at the World Championships.

Gold also at the European mountain running and skyrunning competitions, another specialty in which he excelled.


Wears the blue jersey 35 times at the World Mountain Running Championships
wins gold five times at the World Mountain Running Championships
Gold at European Skyrunning
1997 to 2007
1997 to 2007