Of course, it can be used on all types of shoes as long as they have laces ( only in the case of extremely thick laces-see military or waxed shoes-it can present problems with the system’s closure).

NBS KIT is designed to be compatible with most existing conformations of sports footwear on the market.

In high boot-type shoes, in which NBS must be installed above the ankle, the tension of the lacing does not remain constant along the entire lacing, plus the presence of any open-mouth hooks (typical of hiking shoes) can affect the performance of the system.

No, NBS does not damage the structure of shoe strings; rather, it preserves them from damage caused by weather and environmental factors, such as mud and dust, and from damage caused by accidental stretching.

Yes, NBS KIT is particularly suitable for moments of unrestrained play, both to make shoe lacing easier and more intuitive. We urge janitors of the little ones, however, to make sure that there are no conditions for NBS components to be ingested or misused.

It is possible but not recommended. The two elements work best in synchrony: the mechanical work of tensioning the lacing is provided by the lace blocker, while the pocket, which is both an aesthetic and functional element, allows excess laces to be secured.

Yes, the NBS system is interchangeable, you can easily remove it from one shoe to apply it to another, just unhook the bowtie in a simple click.

Absolutely, the pocket graphic is customizable.
NBS pocket is designed to best express your style and accompany you on your adventures.

Choose the neutral base you prefer (black or white) and use the image, photograph, logo or symbol that tells about you and represents you.

To customize your pocket simply follow the instructions in the dedicated section of the website.

Yes, if within six months from the date of purchase the NBS system becomes abnormally damaged there is provision for replacement of the product.
If the NBS lace lock breaks or is abnormally damaged we will replace the product by sending a new one.

For its protective function NBS pocket is normal to suffer wear and tear, but in case this is abnormal ( in case the pocket button comes off, for example) we will send the replacement product.

To obtain a replacement product, you must send a photo of the damaged product to the e-mail address:

Yes, it is a patented technology, studied by experts and tested by our ambassadors, champions like Luca Papi, Franco Collé, Marco De Gasperi.

NBS is perfect for every sport except those that have direct ball-foot contact.

The NBS system ensures secure tensioning of the laces and thus allows for greater concentration in sports performance.It has been tested by our professional athletes in various disciplines, including Ultra Trail, mountain running, padel, volleyball, marching, track and field, and tennis.

Certainly, the NBS system has been tested in extreme conditions ( races at + 35 degrees or – 15 degrees ) by our ambassadors, professional athletes who collaborate with our brand.

NBS proved to be responsive and durable, keeping shoe laces taut and protecting them from mud and weather such as rain and snow, withstanding prolonged stresses over time, such as in the case of Ultra Trail races like the Tor X, where NBS accompanied athletes for 330 km.

Yes, we do international shipping.
Shipping to countries outside the European Union is chargeable, for more info and details visit the dedicated section of the website.

Orders are processed and/or shipped by Sammi Export Ltd. on Monday through Friday. Orders placed over the weekend will be processed starting on the first following weekday.

Deliveries within Italy have shipping times ranging from 3 to 5 days.
Delivery time for countries outside the European Union varies from 5 to 7 working days.

For more information and details visit the dedicated section of the website.