Find out what accessories you can add to your outfit to go walking with maximum comfort

For many people there is nothing more pleasant than going for a walk. So-called ‘fitwalking‘ is becoming increasingly popular.

Fitwalking goes beyond simple walking, highlighting its full potential, the term means ‘walking for fitness‘ and the importance lies in the fun, relaxation, fitness and well-being it brings to the sportsman.

In order to be able to carry out this type of activity without problems, it is necessary to have the essential accessories. In this article we will describe the most important accessories for carrying out this type of activity in total comfort and safety.

Recommended accessories for fitwalking:

  1. Technical shoes for sports walking
  2. Fitness tracker or smartwatch
  3. Technical clothing for walking
  4. Sports bra
  5. Weights to intensify training
  6. Bum bag
  7. Wireless and Bluetooth headsets
  8. Walking sticks

#1 Technical shoes for sports walking

An essential accessory for walking is hiking boots.

Depending on your preferences, there are different categories of shoes.

  • For earthy and uneven surfaces
  • Suitable for walking on even and asphalted ground.

The choice of shoe is crucial and it is important that it reflects the type of activity you want to carry out.

The shoe must cushion movement and guarantee perfect support. The upper, the upper part of the shoe, should be made of breathable fabric, allowing the foot to breathe more freely, while the heel of the shoe should be slightly rounded to ensure better support on the ground.

#2 Fitness tracker or smartwatch

Not an essential accessory, but very useful. When sportsmen and women want to keep track of their activity, a fitness tracker or smartwatch is the easiest and most effective option. The main function is that of the heart rate monitor, which allows you to keep your heart rate under control; it is a useful tool especially for those who come from prolonged periods of inactivity as it is able to recognise abnormalities in the heart rate. Another function is that of the pedometer, which is very useful for those who want to monitor the distance covered by taking into account the steps taken. For the more demanding, there are GPS watches for the outdoors, which allow you to observe additional technical data such as barometric height or the altitude difference of the route taken, for example.

#3 Technical clothing for walking

It is very important to be comfortable while exercising and clothing should always be something that helps and facilitates movement rather than hindering it. Sports fabrics are breathable and designed specifically for sport. Leggings or shorts make movement more fluid and prevent sweating and chafing. Tank tops or sports t-shirts ensure constant body temperature, avoiding continuous temperature fluctuations when exerted.

#4 Sports bra

For females, classic bras can be very uncomfortable after a long walk as the continuous rubbing of the bra against sweaty skin can lead to skin irritation. Having a sports bra that avoids this kind of rubbing is therefore essential if you want to be active without skin irritation.

#5 Weights to intensify training

If you want to burn extra calories, this is the perfect accessory. Attaching weights to your ankles will cause you to exert more effort when walking. Very often these ankle weights have an adjustable strap with a Velcro fastener for safety and efficiency when walking.

#6 Bum bag

Staying hydrated is essential during physical activity, so a fanny pack is the perfect solution for those who want to be hands-free but still carry everything they need while walking. The side pockets allow you to carry all kinds of phones, credit cards or cash, which could be essential if needed. The pockets are often made of waterproof material, keeping items safe from water.

#7 Wireless and Bluetooth headsets

Whether it’s for listening to music or talking on the phone, headphones are a must-have for physical activity in general. Although some people prefer to listen to the sounds of nature and their own body under strain, others like to isolate themselves from the outside world with their own motivational playlist. Prices vary depending on the brand, the quality of the material and the type of connection. Some headphones connect via Bluetooth while others connect via an auxiliary cable.

#8 Walking sticks

Walking sticks are used both by those who need help during activity and by those who want to exercise their upper body during a walk. Very often walking poles are in a telescopic format, which means they can be folded up into a pocket. This characteristic allows them not only to be easily transported, but also to be adjusted in length according to theheight of the athlete and the type of terrain. The sticks also have a handle that ensures a secure and pleasant grip. A wide variety of exercises can be found online to help you exercise properly.

#9 Fermalacci

And now I’m going to tell you about an amazing accessory which is still used, especially in sports (trekking and running), because of its potential. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the lace stopper, an accessory which in combination with any type of trekking shoe, guarantees you walk in complete safety. No more untied shoes or boots.

With a customised NBS lace stopper you will be able to create the perfect combination for your walk in total safety and comfort.

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Credit: Image by 5598375 from Pixabay

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